Sideline Pass provides community outreaches that focus on three goals:



To introduce young female athletes to female mentors in both the business and sports worlds.


To expose young athletes to resources, events and experiences within their community that they might otherwise miss.



To equip young athletes in need with the necessary supplies to participate and compete in their respective sports.



Please help Sideline Pass make the Holidays bright for area foster children and flood victims, simply by watching Thursday Night Football! Please join us Thursday, December 1 at Ruth’s Chris on Fulton Street for the kickoff of our Holiday Toy Drive/Thursday Night Football watch party! We’ll have Saints and Pelicans players and coaches, analyzing the Cowboys vs Vikings game, answering questions and taking photos! Admission is free with the donation of a new, unwrapped gift or monetary donation. The party starts at 6:30! We’ll make sure any donated gift goes to a great home, but here are the specific requests from our Rain Tree foster girls and the students we’ve adopted at Copper Mill Elementary in Zachary. If you cant make the Football Watch Party, you can drop off donations at any area Ruth’s Chris location or Stein Mart through December 19th.


Raintree Girls: Please attach a note with “name” identification if possible.

Universally appreciated: Picture Frames, Totes, Calendars

“Name” & Age    

1AR:  16 years old. Favorite color: Green. Wish List: Tennis Shoes, Clothes, Bath & Body Products. Shoe Size: 8, Shirt Size: Medium Jean Size - 13 Junior.

2IJ:   14 years old; Favorite Color: Red. Wish List: Purse, Watch, Headphones. Shoe size: 9.5. Shirt size: Medium. Jean Size: 6 ladies. 

3IW:  16 years old. Favorite colors: Blue and Purple. Wish List: Clothes, Light Tone Makeup, Flat Iron. Shoe size: 7. Clothes size: Small. Jean Size: 2. 

4KD:   17 years old. Favorite Colors: Purple and Blue. Wish List: Star Wars Clothes, Thriller Books. Shoe Size: 9. Shirt Size: XL. Jean Size: 9. 

5BL:  16 years old. Favorite color: Red. Wish List: Costume Jewelry, Headphones, Purse. Shoe size: 7. Shirt Size: Small. Jean size: 2.

6CS:   17 years old. Favorite Colors: Blue and Purple. Wish List: Eyeshadow, Lip Gloss, Saints T‐Shirt. Shoe Size: 9. Shirt Size: XL. Jean Size: 15 Junior. 

7JP:   16-years-old. Favorite Color: Green. Wish List: Medium Sized Curling Iron, Flat Iron, Costume Jewelry. Shoe size: 8.5. Shirt Size: Large. Jean Size: 11 Junior.

8TN: 12-years-old. Favorite Color: Red. Wish List: Red Pumas, Purse, Lip Gloss Set. Shoe Size: 8. Shirt Size: Small. Jean Size: 5.

9MJ:  14-years-old. Favorite Color: Purple. Wish List:  Make Up, Radio, Clothes. Shoe Size: 9. Shirt Size: Medium. Jean Size: 5.

10SS:  17-years-old. Favorite Color: Peach or Nude. Wish List: Make Up Brushes, Pink Jacket, Boots. Shoe Size: 8.5. Shirt Size: Medium. Jean Size: 15 Junior.

11JH:  15-years-old. Favorite Colors: Black and White. Wish List: Pelicans Shirt or Jersey, Saints Shirt, Cute Caps. Shoe Size: 4. Shirt Size: Medium. Jean Size: 3 Junior.

12HS:  14-years-old. Favorite Color: Red. Wish List: Watch, Natural Hair Products and Accessories, Make Up. Shoe Size: 6. Shirt Size: Small. Jean Size: 4.

13HP:  14-years-old. Favorite Color: Red. Wish List: Flat Iron, Perfume, Shoes. Shoe Size: 8W. Shirt Size: XL. Jean Size: 16 ladies.

14HT:  15-years-old. Favorite Color: Mint Green. Wish List: Headphones, Costume Jewelry, Tennis Shoes. Shoe Size: 7.5. Shirt Size: Medium. Jean Size: 2 ladies



Copper Mill Elementary:

- Specific Clothing needed for flood victims: 

  Boys -Ranging Sizes 10-18 Husky (Pant Size) 

  Girls- Ranging Sizes 8- Size 18 Husky (Pant Size)  I have one child who wears a Men's Pants Size 38. (Possibly Men's Medium)

             Bras- Range From Size 32A-34 (Sports bras could possibly cover most cup sizes.


Pants- These students lost everything so any pants would benefit.

              Boys Sizes 12, 14, 16, and 20 Husky

              Girls Sizes 12, 14, 16, Junior Sizes 1, 3, and 5/6


Socks- Boys Shoe Size Ranging from 5-7.  (The one who wears Men's Pants 38 wears a Size 10 Shoe)

             Girls Shoe Size Ranging from Girls 4-Women Size 7


           Boy Youth L and XL, Adult S, Adult L

           Girl Youth L- Junior Medium


*Electronics, games, sporting goods, back packs and winter coats/spring jackets are also appreciated!


Donations can be dropped off at Greater New Orleans
Ruth's Chris (Downtown & Metairie)
Stein Mart (Uptown, Metairie, Kenner & Mandeville)

Mailed donations:
Wink Design & Events
1519 Tchoupitoulas Street New Orleans, LA 70130  




We work with a range of partners and are always on the lookout for new ones. To explore what we can do together please contact us.